Serene seaside retreat

So what’s keeping you? Come stay at Seepark-Ferienhaus-Rügen. The 4.1 km long Rügen bridge connects the mainland to the island of Rügen. From there it’s just a short 30 minute drive to your destination where a spectacular unobstructed view of the lighthouse on Hiddensee island awaits you. You’ll spend picture perfect days in unspoiled nature amidst an avian and nature coastal preserve teeming with numerous rare birds such as the skylark, corn bunting, red-backed shrike, barred warbler, stonechat, partridge, whinchat and thrush nightingale, all making their home in the area around Seepark-Ferienhaus-Rügen.


Hiddensee is completely car-free and dotted with tiny fishing villages, beautiful galleries, endless beaches and countless hiking options, and of course the landmark lighthouse in Kloster with its view of the entire island. One of the many fishing village inns here will likely be keeping a pot of delicious eel soup warm for you. From the Schaprode ferry terminal on Rügen, only 20 minutes by bicycle or 10 minutes by automobile from your holiday home, daily ferries head to the island’s three ports: Neuendorf, Vitte and Kloster. You can easily explore all three seaports in one day by bicycle.


A trip to Stralsund, the historic Hanseatic city with a fresh new look, is always time well spent. Beautiful old brick buildings make for a picturesque backdrop to this old port city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taverns, cafés, restaurants and shops follow one after the other with the Ozeaneum right at the center. Named the 2010 European Museum of the Year, the Ozeaneum offers a riveting journey through Earth’s underwater worlds. More than 500 historic monuments dot Stralsund’s Old Town. And then there’s Stralsund’s romantic island setting itself, surrounded on all sides by the waters of the Strelasund sound as well as three ponds. 

The island’s landmark, the famous chalk cliffs, are approximately13 km long (8 miles) and just a few minutes drive from here along scenic avenues. Beautiful old trees tower like sentinels along scores of Rügen’s roads and connect many of the island’s towns together like leafy green tunnels.

Cape Arkona, just 20 minutes away, is yet another visitor magnet as it’s the only place on the Baltic Sea to boast three towers in one location – the Schinkel Tower, a positioning tower and the lighthouse.

Also just a few minutes away by car or bicycle, the Wittow ferry whisks visitors away to the miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches on the “Schaabe” sand bar plus makes countless hidden stretches of romantic coastline easily accessible. Although wonderfully private and quiet, our holiday home is perfectly located to take best advantage of the rich diversity of the immediate area.