You went for a walk on the sea, did an extensive hike on the island of Hiddensee or on the beach in the north of the island of Rügen? Then it says: Welcome back home! Here you can enjoy a log fire overlooking the lighthouse and try our sauna. It is a place of peace and relaxation and conveys the harmony with nature through the large, mirrored from the outside panoramic window. Indoors, in soothing warmth, you can relax and enjoy the view over the garden and the Baltic Sea landscape with its unique species of birds.

This sauna is unique, because through the large mirrored panoramic window you can enjoy the uninterrupted view over the lovingly landscaped garden on the Baltic Sea, without even being seen.

In our classic sauna, the Finnish sauna, you reach with 80 ° to 100 ° C air temperature one of the hottest forms. Here it is rather dry with up to 30% humidity. Therefore, "sauna beginners" should not spend more than 8 to 15 minutes in it, so as not to overstrain the body.



In the entrance area of ​​our sauna are sauna towels (one per person) as lying and seat pad.  

For the few steps of sauna for showers in the bathrooms in the house, it is advisable to put on a bathrobe, the sea air can be quite fresh. The bathrobe finds its place in the sauna anteroom.