Wellness in the Seepark-Ferienhaus-Ruegen

Dear guests!

Our unique outdoor sauna is now finished and enhances your well-being and makes it easier for you to "come-down".

It offers space for 6 people and in the cozy interior with indirect LED lighting, brushed wood is effectively combined with old wood. A Finnish 12kW sauna-heater will really make you sweat.

The special feature is the large and mirrored window, which allows a unobstructed view across the Baltic Sea to the lighthouse of Hiddensee without being seen.

This is unique in the small holiday home village of Vaschvitz!


Holiday home

Allow us to give you an introductory tour through our holiday home. We hope the photographs on these pages will give you a good general overview of the rooms and the exterior grounds. Be sure not to miss the two embedded photo galleries for truly inspired holidays at Seepark-Ferienhaus-Rügen. Step inside and make yourself at home!


So what’s keeping you? Come stay at Seepark-Ferienhaus-Rügen
Relax and enjoy the unobstructed view to the island of Hiddensee and its iconic lighthouse. Take a break in the stunning nature of a bird, landscape and nature conservation area directly on the protected coastal zone.


The Baltic Sea coastal climate enjoys maritime and continental influences and is one of the sunniest corners in all of Germany. The island climate is famous for its fresh and pure air, abundant sunshine and briskly invigorating breezes. Simply take a deep breath and feel yourself unwind.

The Seepark-Ferienhaus-Rügen is a newly constructed designer bungalow reflecting Scandinavian sensibilities. Its particularly stylish features and furnishings ensure the perfect home away from home for stress-free holidays in a peaceful, beautiful location. If you’re seeking an oasis of rest and relaxation in a stunning setting, you’ll find the perfect haven here to unwind, recharge and enrich your spirit!

Wellness & Culture! Book treatments with our mobile massage service and enjoy culture and art in the “Kunstscheune Vaschvitz”.

Vaschvitz is a tiny hamlet outside the Rügen island community of Trent and is situated directly on the Rassower Strom waterway, the Baltic Sea inlet into the Bodden network of lagoons. The island of Hiddensee lies just across the water and is readily accessible by ferry from the small port village of Schaprode, just a short bicycle ride away. Seepark-Ferienhaus-Rügen was built in directly on the protected coastal zone. Located just 100m from the shoreline, this retreat is one of just a few homes here offering unobstructed views and spaciousness in its design. Closest to the water, it’s the very last house within a small settlement of holiday homes.

The comfort and ambiance in this luxurious bungalow is particularly lavish and unstinting, while the Scandinavian style so distinctively combines design and warmth. With approximately 150m² living space and a 5m sweeping gable, the bungalow offers enough space for all the essentials that make for an exceptional holiday stay. All living and sleeping areas have direct and unobstructed views of the garden and the coast.

Three terraces, aligned to follow the sun’s movement through the day, complete the outdoor seaside experience. Relaxing out in a deck chair or in front of a crackling fire offer just two of the unparalleled vistas here for watching the sun set over Hiddensee and the iconic lighthouse.

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